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I’m not the easiest person to be close to.  I tend to be passionate about the things I believe and have high expectations for those close to me, though never higher than I expect from myself.  In the past, this led to some very loud and unpleasant arguments with my husband.  Recently, I found a new, far more pleasant way to defuse the situation – poetry.

About a week ago, he did something that upset me.  What it is doesn’t matter.  It started out the usual way – I yelled and cried, he went off in a huff.  If things had proceeded as they normally do, he would have come back later and I would have continued the argument.  I would have yelled, he would have become defensive, eventually we would have made up but nothing would have been resolved.

That day, I was sitting with my computer in my lap, still upset, when the idea came to me.  What if I tried to capture my hurt in a poem?  I opened my editor and started writing.  As I wrote, working to choose the words that would both keep the proper meter and capture the essence of my emotions, I grew more calm.  When I was finished, I e-mailed the poem to him.

A little while later, he came in.  I was still upset, though less so than in the beginning.  I told him to read his e-mail.  For some reason there was a delay in its arrival to his inbox but he finally saw my poem.  I don’t know how long it was before he came to talk to me.  When he did, he just said, “That was hard to read.”  I understood.

We talked a little about why I reacted the way I did, which had far less to do with the actual situation that it did with old hurts that were never resolved.  Instead of yelling, I could talk calmly.  Instead of being defensive, he was able to respond from a place of reason and love, after having time to think about my words.  For once, the hurt seemed resolved at the end.

A few days ago, I was feeling happy with him and wrote another poem.  I sent him that poem as well.  He said it made him far happier than the first.

Both poems are on my website – his choice.  The best part is that I have a new and better way to cope with conflicts with him.   I intend to keep using it.

How do you deal with personal conflicts?

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