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Last week Robert Brewer described a Welsh poetic form called a Gwawdodyn in his blog on Writer’s Digest (Gwawdodyn article).  I found the form interesting and decided to use it to write a poem about the creation of a land called Fyrnlosing, in which I set the novel I am currently writing, out of the near-destruction of of the world.

In this world, before the destruction and subsequent creation of Fyrnlosing technology and magic co-existed in nearly equal proportion.  After the destruction the magic still exists and there are surviving bits and pieces of technology but the infrastructure that linked them is completely gone.

I hope you enjoy it.

The Birth of Fyrnlosing – by Leoma Retan
Lights burning, platforms floating in air,
Magic waiting, sourced in land so fair,
Power calls power, high in the tower,
Greatness desiring, they should beware.

Science and magic, they would combine,
Sorcerers, Engineers, now define,
Hybrid tech machines, filling all their dreams,
Hidden in labs, their plans now refine.

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