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Apologies for my absence the past week but I have a good excuse – I have been working hard to finish my book.  I completed the last chapter on Labor Day and “The Broken Land” (working title) is now in the hands of several trusted readers for review.

It is a science fantasy novel occurring in a place called the “Isles of Fyrnlosing”, which is part of an earth-like world.  Most civilization in Fyrnlosing is at a middle ages level of technology, but there is a component of higher technology resulting from a more developed society that nearly destroyed the world a thousand years in the past.  Magic and technology exist at a roughly equal level here and all is peaceful until the appearance of a man who shouldn’t be there – a man who seems to have been nearly killed in a major battle that did not occur in Fyrnlosing.  The future of the world may hinge on the activities of two curious teenagers and the ability of the disparate human and non-human groups to work together.

Here is the current cover art:


I am a writer of fantasy, science fiction, and poetry. If you are interested in learning more about me or my work, check out my website at

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For many years I have described myself as half mystic and half technofreak, which is no more nor less than the truth.

I have a background in science and engineering but, for very personal reasons, I believe in the reality of things we can not measure or completely explain – the things some call the mystic.

In addition to this one, which I will generally use to talk about specific writing projects, I have created two blogs.

In my Heroes & Friends blog (, I will write about heroes and friendship – what makes a hero and what is a real friend.  That blog exists because I think the modern world needs heroes now more than ever.  I believe that most people can be heroes given the right circumstances and that anyone can be a friend.

In my Mystic vs. Technology blog (, I will write about mystical and technological subjects and the often fuzzy line between them.  I pose the following question: Are the things we call mystical just science we don’t understand or is there something more, something that will forever be beyond us?

If you are interested in learning more about me or my work, check out my website at

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