10 Reasons You Should Pick Me as a Mentee   3 comments

This is another blog about Pitch Wars.  Apologies to anyone reading this who is not involved in it.  I promise I will post something different by the end of next weekend.

PitchWars: Why Mentors Should Pick Me as a Mentee

Leoma Retan picture - 512x512 - 15 Sep 13_001          This is my avatar, not my picture but it is designed to resemble me.

1.  I’ve done Firewalk.  That pretty much means I can handle anything

bonfire - 22Nov13- sized and processed

2. The world described in SONGS OF CHANGE exists in the virtual space of inWorldz – and I can modify it if I want because it’s mine.

3. I love all animals – cats, dogs, horses, chinchillas – bring ’em on.

The boys in winter - IMGP1380

4. I’m capable of subsisting on coffee for long periods of time – in fact, I’ve been known to use it in place of blood.

5. I will send you bribes as needed.

6.  I don’t sleep much so I’ll have lots of time to respond to your criticisms and requests for change.

7. You can find my vision of my world of Fyrnlosing by looking at my website: http://www.leomaretan.com/fyrnlosing.html.  Here are some of my concepts of the people in it:

Rissa - from cover art     Cait at the Library    Erissa and Crusty    Erissa and Dark Dancing

                                 Erissa and Dark closeup    Cait by the lake

8.  I have a thick skin for criticism.  In fact, my favorite way to hold a design discussion is to create a “straw man” solution, send it to everyone involved, and let them take pot shots at it.  The technique generally results in good solutions.  I suspect the same will apply to editing my manuscript.

9. I chose you as a mentor because your list of interests had a large overlap with the elements in my book  and because I think, based on your interests, that we can work well together.  I will work as hard as I need to to make SONGS OF CHANGE a success.

10. THE REAL REASON YOU SHOULD CHOOSE ME: You like the subject of my novel and believe we can be successful together.

I am a writer of fantasy and science fiction. Check out my website at http://www.leomaretan.com and my other blogs at: https://leomaretanheroes.wordpress.com/ and https://lretanmysttech.wordpress.com/


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3 responses to “10 Reasons You Should Pick Me as a Mentee

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  2. Good luck on your submission! Your bio is so creative! Well done!

  3. Nice to meet you! I love your bio. Wanna network?

    Best wishes for SONG OF CHANGE and you in Pitchwars!


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